Hat Hire is available from our Online Shop. Be the best dressed for a wedding, at the races, or any event with this affordable and fashionable option. 

Our latest Ready-to-Wear Collection comes in a range of colours and styles which are easily matched to your outfit. If you are stuck for what to decide or just can’t find the right one you can give us a ring or drop us an email! We are here to help! 


To find our more about our Hat Hire, go to our online shop. 

What you need to know before you hire a hat


Prices for hire range from £30-£125 for spring/summer and £45-£90 for Autumn/Winter.

Initially, we recommend you to book an appointment to choose the hat you would like to hire, as we carry a large selection. Please make sure that you bring the full outfit you are wearing to the occasion as well as shoes, etc.

All details below must be completed before we release the hat.

  • Payment
  • Contract – signed and agreed 

The hirer will be asked to sign an agreement at the time of booking. If the hat is lost or damaged, the amount payable is the value of the hat plus an extra hire charge.

The agreement states the value to replace the particular item if it is lost, stolen or damaged (including any dents, loss of decoration or water damage).

The value must be paid to Ana Maria Ortega (Ultimate Design Hats) by the hirer should this happen.

Hire duration is for a maximum of five days, if the hat is not returned within this period, Ultimate Design hats may charge for extra hire time.

Credit card details will be taken as a form of deposit and will only be deducted accordingly after discussion between the hirer and Ultimate Design hats.

Cancellation of the hire of a hat must be made no less than one week before the event in order for a refund to be issued.

Ultimate Design hats understand that the Scottish weather is inevitable, however, care should be taken when wearing a hat/headpiece in the rain.  All hats and/ or fascinators should be kept under an umbrella at all times as all hats/headpieces are very vulnerable if subjected to rain.

The hat hire fee is for one wear/one day only. The hats must be returned in person and not via a third party unless previously discussed with Ana Maria.


All hat boxes must be returned.

Thank you for your co-operation and custom.

If you have any further inquiries please contact Ana Maria on 07929 952053.