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Ascot, a place like nowhere else…

The Royal Ascot portrays sartorial elegance as put in their own words for this year’s style guide. With a traditional yet excitingly fashionable dress-code, Ultimate Design Hats will know how to match, design and create the absolute best hats for you. The Ascot event can be troublesome to navigate with dress codes and traditional rules. Ana Maria’s expertise as a milliner and experience in the Royal Ascot fashion industry will make you stand out in a crowd whilst fitting in with the traditional dress code. 

With five days of thrilling horse racing, fashionable ladies and gentlemen don’t wait until the very last minute, get your outfits ready today!

If it’s up to us, we would also say, get your hat first!!




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The short history of the Royal Ascot


For as long as we can remember, Ascot has been regarded as a high fashion and luxurious couture event. Exceptional millinery has always been a key part of the dress code. Ultimate Design Hats has designed and created several hats for this luxurious event where our pieces have been in the royal enclosure on several occasions. The classy horse racing event was founded in 1711. Queen Anne saw the potential for a racecourse at East Cote. According to her, it was the ideal place for “horses to gallop at full stretch”. The dress code slowly emerged in the early 19th Century where it covered anyone from the jockeys to the men and women attending the event. The Royal Ascot developed into a fashionable and social event which we think the most exciting race of the year! With such an extravagant history we think that the event requires an extravagant outfit, and the hat needs to be in the center of attention.



“A hat is for everyone! But only the right hat can make you feel luxurious, confident and will always enhance your personality.”